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02 Aug

Power Washing: It Should Be Done!

Posted in Property, Real Estate on 02.08.09

power-washWhen you are trying to sell your house – there are so many little things that you probably do not think about.  One of them is most likely going to be power washing the outside of your home.  Recently, I had just the front of my house power washed and I was amazed at how incredible it looked.  It truly made a difference and if you really think about it – the very first thing that people see when they drive up to your house is going to be the front of it.

If the front of your house is really dirty, it has a less likely chance to sell versus if you have a clean front of the house.  Power washing is something that is very inexpensive too, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting someone to power wash the front of your house.

Keeping your house looking fresh and clean is just one of the many parts to selling your house – remember that!

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11 Jul

Green Homes Are Going Faster!

Posted in Condos, Property, Real Estate on 11.07.09

green-homes-1_7071Did you know that green homes are flying off the market in this day and age?  To be honest, eco-friendly activists are constantly trying to get the real estate market in shape and if you are trying to sell your home … just adding in a few eco-friendly touches can really make all of the difference.  Now, you are probably wondering exactly what you can do to make your home more sellable to the eco-friendly and green couple.

One thing that you can do is adding in eco-friendly bamboo flooring.  While bamboo flooring is slightly more in the money field, it is something that you can do that really adds a lot of charm to the home and truly does make it eco-friendly.  Another great addition is solar panels and energy-efficient appliances.  These two things are huge for the home buyer and it is something that a lot of home buyers are looking for.

Making your home a little greener will definitely make it sell faster and should really make it all around more appealing!

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05 Jul

How You Can Market Yourself!

Posted in Real Estate on 05.07.09

PasadenaRealtorWhen it comes right down to it, the real estate business is actually a game.  It truly is something that everyone in the world can learn and learn it easily.  It is all about how you market yourself and how you appear to other people … it is also about how you sell and gain clients.  That is exactly what we are going to teach you about right here!  One of the first things that you want to make sure that you are doing is keeping up your appearance.  You never want to have a hair out of place or yellow teeth, so make sure that you look great and professional.

The next step is going to be marketing real estate yourself.  Not matter what budget you have, there are many different options available for you that are free.  For example, free publicity is just one of the many ways that you can get your name out there.  Another great way is going to be via the internet.  Signing up with a myspace page or even a Facebook page is a fantastic way to ensure that you gain all of the younger generation!

As you can see, marketing yourself is not all that difficult, you really just need to know how to do it!

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27 Jun

Finding the Perfect Neighborhood For You!

Posted in Neighborhood, Real Estate on 27.06.09

Neighborhood When you are searching for a home, the search does not just extend to the home itself but to the neighborhood as well.  When you live in a nice neighborhood, there is a status thing that you feel and you can actually keep up the value of your home by the neighborhood that it is in.  Finding the ideal neighborhood for you can be difficult; however, we are here to help you find it!

One of the first things that you need to do is make sure that you make a list of all of the activities that you enjoy – for example, movies, health clubs, churches, shopping and you want to make sure that you find a neighborhood that is close to everything that you enjoy.  You also want to make sure that you check out the school district if you have a child, as that is something very important to any parent.

Another thing you might want to check on is going to be the overall look and feel of the neighborhood.  You want something that looks good and you want your neighbors to be nice and friendly – after all, you are going to be living right next door to them for quite a while.

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21 Jun

Zero Down Home Loans: What Are They?

Posted in Money, Real Estate on 21.06.09

nri-home-loansOwning your own home is something that everyone in the world dreams about – however, if you do not have the means to own your own home, you have to get a mortgage.  Understanding mortgages and how they work is something that is very difficult, however, there are many different loans that will allow you to put down 0% and that is exactly what we are going to explore right now.  Usually, zero down loans are extremely difficult to find, but with the way that the real estate market is panning out, lenders are willing to let you put zero down.

One thing that you need to know whenever you are trying to be considered for a home loan with 0% down is that you have to have good credit.  Actually, the better the credit score, the better off you are going to be, so you might want to check out your credit score before you try and get one of these home loans.

Finally, interest rates on zero down home loans are usually higher, so that is something that you need to take into consideration as well.  Also, how long the loan is going to last is usually longer – so think about these things whenever you are considering a home loan with zero down!

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