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30 May

Renting An Apartment? Some Tips You Should Know! Part 2

Posted in Apartments on 30.05.09

rent-apartment-1So, you have found some apartments in some locations that you love.  You are now ready to take the next couple of steps in renting an apartment.

First of all, you need to make sure you are fully prepared. You need a resume for everything these days, including an apartment rental. So, now you need to make a resume specifically for renters. Your previous addresses — preferably five, if you can manage that — and the phone numbers for your landlords needs to go on it. You also need to include employment histories, length, and the numbers for your employers. The amount of money you make should be included, along with references. It can even be helpful to include a copy showcasing your credit report.

Of course, some potential landlords may not require all of this information. You can feel free to call the landlords on your list of possible apartments to see what they would like to know about you, as a renter.

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