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14 Oct

Getting into the Real Estate Game: 2

Posted in Real Estate on 14.10.09

agent 2One thing that will help you to decide if you do want to become an agent is by talking to other real estate agents. Knowledge is power in this industry, and learning about firsthand experiences can be enormously helpful.

You see, you can make good money when you work in real estate. However, it is not going to happen right away. As a new agent, you are going to have to pay your dues and make your bones, unless you are lucky enough to start out selling million dollar properties, which is not highly likely.

Thus it is important to be realistic. If your whole idea of being a real estate agent comes from one of those reality shows on Bravo, you need a big reality check.

As with any other endeavor, it takes hard work, determination, and patience to become successful in this industry. We will outline just how to go out it next week.

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17 Sep

Increasing Your Chances of a Sale: 2

Posted in Real Estate on 17.09.09

real estate 2In a market like this, you are going to need to think outside of the box in order to keep buying and selling while your competitors are waiting for the housing crisis to end.  The same old tactics just are not going to work as well.

Open houses are great, but they cannot do that much if no one can afford the house you are selling.

You need to try a direct mail campaign as well.  Put yourself at the forefront with a personal touch.  If you send out birthday postcards and holiday greetings, people are going to remember you when they are finally ready to buy and sale.

Spruce up everything you can.  The more palatable a property looks, the more intrigued people will be.

Do not be too pushy.  You can be persistent without being pushy.  Don’t force anything, because that is going to scare potential clients away during a time like this.

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15 Sep

Increasing Your Chances of a Sale: 1

Posted in Real Estate on 15.09.09

real estate 1It is a hard time for real estate agents right now.  After all, although the housing market is climbing out of its funk, it is slow going.  No one is moving, it seems like, because no one can afford to buy a new home — and no one is selling because they fear their house will remain on the market in limbo for months and months on end.

As a real estate agent, you have to be more proactive than ever, in what is already a proactive industry.  It is not just enough to be a go getter.  Sometimes you literally have to go and get what you want.  How can you do that?  How can you persuade people to buy and/or sell their house?

By being persistent, of course, and exceedingly good at what you do.  Oh, well, plus there are some tips that may help you.

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