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12 Aug

Landscaping Your Home To Gain Buyers!

Posted in Neighborhood, Real Estate on 12.08.09

landscaping-imageNow that we have talked about the paint color for the inside and out, we now need to consider the landscaping portion of your home.  This is where you truly can get creative and I can promise that any prospects are going to definitely appreciate it.  People want to have an interesting backyard and when you provide them with a landscaped backyard, I can assure you that they are going to appreciate everything that it is about.

One thing that you need to know about landscaping is the fact that after about six to eight years, it needs to be changed on around.  This will not only enhance the home, but you will be able to get rid of anything that is outdated or overgrown – so that is going to be your first step.  Come up with a plan for your backyard and how you want it to look like.

After that, go ahead and trim and remove any dead or excessive plants, that way you can truly get a feel for what you have!

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27 Jun

Finding the Perfect Neighborhood For You!

Posted in Neighborhood, Real Estate on 27.06.09

Neighborhood When you are searching for a home, the search does not just extend to the home itself but to the neighborhood as well.  When you live in a nice neighborhood, there is a status thing that you feel and you can actually keep up the value of your home by the neighborhood that it is in.  Finding the ideal neighborhood for you can be difficult; however, we are here to help you find it!

One of the first things that you need to do is make sure that you make a list of all of the activities that you enjoy – for example, movies, health clubs, churches, shopping and you want to make sure that you find a neighborhood that is close to everything that you enjoy.  You also want to make sure that you check out the school district if you have a child, as that is something very important to any parent.

Another thing you might want to check on is going to be the overall look and feel of the neighborhood.  You want something that looks good and you want your neighbors to be nice and friendly – after all, you are going to be living right next door to them for quite a while.

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