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23 Nov

Keeping your home safe when you travel

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Burglaries are rampant in this gloomy economy. Homeowners must do all means to keep their home safe when you decide to travel for a holiday. There are simple steps you can follow to make sure you will not be going back to an empty house after your holiday:

Home insurance

An empty house is a screaming invitation for burglars to celebrate. If you are going away for quite sometime you need to make sure your insurance company knows about it and that it should be clear that you are not violating any of your policy’s terms. Make sure you meet all their security requirements or you will not be covered in case any untoward incident happens.


Tell regular delivery services such newspaper and milk to temporarily stop the delivery while you are on a holiday. You do not want these things piling up your doorway. You can also ask a friend or a neighbor to check and clear your door step for mails or deliveries.


Tidy up the porch and the garden before going on a holiday. You can also move items like bikes and other expensive items inside the house. You can also ask a relative to mow your lawn and water the plants since long grass and dried plants are telling the bad guys that you are not home.


Make sure the gas and water lines are tightly closed. Make sure to lock all the windows and close all the curtains. You can also use a timer device to turn on and off your lights on a regular basis, or you can ask a friendly neighbor to do this for you while you are away.


Make sure you make use of quality locks to seal your home off. You can also install window locks at the ground floor just for added protection.

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