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17 Sep

Increasing Your Chances of a Sale: 2

Posted in Real Estate on 17.09.09

real estate 2In a market like this, you are going to need to think outside of the box in order to keep buying and selling while your competitors are waiting for the housing crisis to end.  The same old tactics just are not going to work as well.

Open houses are great, but they cannot do that much if no one can afford the house you are selling.

You need to try a direct mail campaign as well.  Put yourself at the forefront with a personal touch.  If you send out birthday postcards and holiday greetings, people are going to remember you when they are finally ready to buy and sale.

Spruce up everything you can.  The more palatable a property looks, the more intrigued people will be.

Do not be too pushy.  You can be persistent without being pushy.  Don’t force anything, because that is going to scare potential clients away during a time like this.

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15 Sep

Increasing Your Chances of a Sale: 1

Posted in Real Estate on 15.09.09

real estate 1It is a hard time for real estate agents right now.  After all, although the housing market is climbing out of its funk, it is slow going.  No one is moving, it seems like, because no one can afford to buy a new home — and no one is selling because they fear their house will remain on the market in limbo for months and months on end.

As a real estate agent, you have to be more proactive than ever, in what is already a proactive industry.  It is not just enough to be a go getter.  Sometimes you literally have to go and get what you want.  How can you do that?  How can you persuade people to buy and/or sell their house?

By being persistent, of course, and exceedingly good at what you do.  Oh, well, plus there are some tips that may help you.

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12 Sep

Dealing With Real Estate Scams: 2

Posted in Investing, Money on 12.09.09


Now that we have talked about some of the beginning stages of scamming, let’s talk about the scams themselves.  These are pretty easy to spot – if anything actually states that you are going to be able to get rich extremely fast and you will not have to put up any of your own money.  In the end, this sounds like the perfect deal – right?  However, when you do your research, you will have to put up money of your own, just not in the beginning.

That is the biggest thing that you have to remember, you always want to make sure that you are researching anything that you sign up for.  After all, it could get you in trouble in the end, which is something that you do not want.

Research is certainly something that will help you in the end, especially when it comes to real estate scams.

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11 Sep

Dealing With Real Estate Scams: 1

Posted in Investing, Money on 11.09.09

Real Estate Scams

Falling into a real estate scam is something that many, many people do not think about.  With all of the get-rich-quick scams out there, it is no wonder that people are constantly getting themselves into debt.  Have you ever seen the infomercials at night boasting that you get make millions with no investment at all?  Well, I am here to tell you a little bit about those.

One thing that you should know is that these infomercials can do a lot of harm to you in beginning.  In the beginning stages of investing, you really do not know what works and what doesn’t yet – however you will end up wasting hundreds of dollars on old information.

To be honest … this usually discourages people from investing and they miss out on real estate that truly can make them a lot of money.  Let me help and walk you through these scams!

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03 Sep

Remodeling Your Home: It’s A Great Way To Attract Buyers! 2

Posted in Property on 03.09.09


Now that we have talked about one of the major reasons for the remodel, let’s talk about the remodel itself.  Whenever you are dealing with remodeling a home, it can be extremely difficult in the long run.  However, you will absolutely love it once it is done.  First things first though, you want to make sure that you meet with a designer so they can decide what rooms need to be updated and what rooms truly need to be remodeled.

Believe it or not, one of the greatest and hardest rooms to remodel is the kitchen and the bathroom.  These two rooms are the most popular in the way of remodeling and they are usually the ones that need it the most.  The problems with remodeling?  It is expensive; however you can tack that onto the mortgage, so that way you are getting that money back.

Remodeling is a fantastic way to truly put your best foot forward in the real estate market and it truly could make it irresistible for many buyers!

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02 Sep

Remodeling Your Home: It’s A Great Way To Attract Buyers!

Posted in Property on 02.09.09


So you have finally decided to get yourself a cheaper and smaller home and you need to sell your home right?  Well, it is not as easy as just putting your home on the market anymore and expecting people to come buy it. 

Real estate agents are having a very, very hard time selling homes right now and if you have a home that you are trying to sell, you are going to need to do a lot of work on it to ensure that it is the best product for the buyer.

Buyers right now have the option to be picky and if your home is not up to the greatest condition, you could be in trouble of being stuck with that mortgage payment.  That is why you need to remodel.  In the next blog, we are going to talk about the remodeling process!

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